Launch your career in Strategy & Operations

Optimize and accelerate your job search in fellowships, project management, business ops + more! Connect with recruiters and industry insiders for tips and tools on breaking in. Get paired with an industry mentor to perfect your application strategy and materials, learn best practices for behavioral and technical interviews and how to negotiate your offer through through live workshops and 1-on-1 coaching sessions.

Peerplug talent has landed at:

Go further, faster

Online Sessions

Join a fully virtual program that allows you to be flexible as your accelerate toward your goals.

1:1 Career Mentor

Work with a personal career mentor who has industry experience and knows how to get hired at a top company.

Industry Insiders

Attend workshops with insiders and recruiters that cover everything from resumes to negotiating your salary!

Land your dream job

Start your career off on the right path. Guaranteed placement or the program costs you nothing!

Accelerated approach for career advancement

  • Program orientation: Attend program orientation, then meet with your 1:1 industry mentor to map out a success plan for your job search.
  • Insider network: Tap into program resources and see all of the industry mentors and insiders who will support you along the way.
  • Candidate Profile Optimization: We tapped expertise from recruiters to understand the most important factors in a winning candidate profile. We share that with you!
  • Professional Branding: Your 1:1 industry mentor will help you revamp your application and LinkedIn profile specifically for your future role.
  • Opportunity Sourcing: Construct the most effective application funnel for your search. Learn effective cold emailing/messaging tools and schedule coffee chats to connect with our industry insiders.
  • Interviewing Principles: Learn strategies for behavioral interview success as we share the most commonly asked questions based on our data. 
  • Frameworks: Learn the best frameworks and strategies for business case interviewing. Get tips and insights from insiders that help you gain confidence for the actual interview. 
  • Intensive interview prep: Conduct live mock interviews with insiders and receive feedback on performance. Practice rigorous technical mock interview sessions using examples cases from top companies.
  • Tap into our database of salaries and bonus structures, learn strategies to negotiate effectively on compensation or benefits. Navigate through multiple offers and decision-making etiquette
  • We know job searching isn’t over after 7 weeks, so once you get through this phase, you’ll still have access to weekly 1:1 check-ins, insider connections and community events. We believe that we only succeed when you do, so we’ll be supporting all the way until you have your signed offer 🎉.

Alumni Spotlight

T'Kia Gill

Administrative Fellow, Ochsner Health

Choosing Peerplug has been a wonderful experience. My industry coaches provided unparalleled guidance and support throughout this process. As well as data-driven approaches to interviews for the jobs I applied to.

All participants will be recruited directly by our partner companies for job opportunities!

Next Steps

Step 1: Program Application

Submit your application so we can learn more about your goals and experiences to determine how we can help you.

Step 2: Assessment Call

Speak with an admissions representative in a 30-minute interview. The goal of this step is to get a better sense of your behavioral and technical skills and career readiness.

Step 3: Enrollment Call (30 mins)

The application process generally takes 1-2 weeks from beginning to end. When you receive your acceptance from Admissions, the next steps is to schedule a call to learn more about enrollment details and ask questions.

Step 4: Choose Your Start Date & Begin!

Choose your desired start date and sign your enrollment agreement. Begin attending workshops and meet your coach.

Don't pay until you get paid

There is no upfront cost required to enroll; Peerplug is rewarded only when you land a job. The program is based on an income share agreement: when you do land a job, you'll pay 5% of one year's income as you earn it. As part of the agreement, you don't have to pay anything until you get paid from your new job first.